Катакомбы Ком эш-Шуккафы (Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa)


Все, Александрия, Асуан, Гиза, Заафарана, Каир, Луксор, Марcа Алам, Сафага, Таба, Хургада, Шарм-эль-Шейх

Катакомбы Ком эш-Шуккафы датируются вторым столетием до нашей эры. Это огромный античный египетский некрополь. Тут в 3 яруса расположены гробницы знати. Колодец, по которому раньше спускали тела умерших, огибает винтовая лестница, ведущая вниз. Верхний уровень занимает Триклиниум, пиршественный зал, ротонда. Оттуда расходятся коридоры, которые ведут к нишам для захоронений. Рельефы на стенах, резные саркофаги – смешение римского, греческого, египетского стилей. На втором уровне расположена погребальная камера. По 2-м ее сторонам вырезаны в двойной египетской короне два египетских змея. Нижний уровень катакомб затоплен. Туда невозможно попасть.

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Катакомбы находятся в непосредственной близости от колонны Помпеи в западной части Александрии. 


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The catacombs were named Kom El Shoqafa, meaning Mound of Shards, because the area used to contain a mound of shards of terra cotta which mostly consisted of jars and objects made of clay. These objects were left by those visiting the tombs, who would bring food and wine for their consumption during the visit. However, they did not wish to carry these containers home from this place of death so they would break them. At the time of the discovery, heaps of these broken plates were found.

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Sarcophagus with bas relief showing Egyptian gods and priests offering sacrifices

The catacombs lie the western necropolis of Alexandria and consist of three levels cut through solid rock, the third level being now completely underwater. The catacombs have a six-pillared central shaft which opens off the vestibule. On the left is a triclinium, a funeral banquet hall where friends and family gathered on stone couches covered with cushions, both at the time of burial and also on future commemorative visits.

A stone staircase descends to the second level. In the lobby of the building two pillars are topped by the papyrus, lotus, and acanthus leaves of ancient Egypt and two falcons flanking a winged sun decorate the frieze. Figures of a man and a woman are carved into the wall. The man’s body has a stiff hieratic pose typical of Ancient Egyptian sculpture, with the head carved in the lifelike manner of the classic Hellenes. The woman’s figure is also rigidly posed but bears the Roman hairstyle.

There are three huge stone coffins with non-removable covers along the sides of the chamber. It’s assumed that bodies were inserted in them from behind, using a passageway which runs around the outside of the funeral chamber. There is a hallway with 91″ deep walls in the central tomb chamber, with carved recesses, each providing burial space for three mummies.

Visitors can reach the first level through a breach in the rotunda wall, which was made at an unknown date. This leads to the Hall of Caracalla in which the bones of horses and humans were found.

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