Панагия Горгоепикоос: изучаем все нюансы

She who is «Quick to Hear» — Panagia Gorgoepikoos

Panagia Gorgoepikoos (Gr., Γοργοεπήκοο, «She who is quick to hear») is the name of an icon and also one of the many surnames given to the Theotokos and monastery.

The Synaxis of the of the Most-Holy Theotokos Gorgoepikoos is commemorated on October 1.

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Церковь Панагия Горгоепикоос (Малая Митрополия) — на карте

Выше указано месторасположено красивой достопримечательности Церковь Панагия Горгоепикоос (Малая Митрополия) расположенной в области Афины

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History of the Gorgoepikoos icon

The best-known miraculus icon of the Holy Mountain Mount Athos, after Panagia Portaitissa, is an ancient wall-painting of the Blessed Virgin on the outside of the eastern wall of the refectory, to the right of the entrance, in the Docheiariou Monastery.

In 1664, the trapezares Neilos, who used to pass regularly in front of the icon holding in his hand a lighted torch which he needed for his duties in the refectory, heard a voice telling him: “Do not come past here with a torch, leaving smoke on my icon”. Neilos did not pay much attention to the voice, but it was soon heard again, imposing a punishment on the monk and leaving him blind. The brothers began to show great reverence in passing before the icon and hung a perpetual lamp before it and ordered the new trapezares to burn incense before it every day.

The blind Neilos spent all his time in a stall in front of the icon, imploring the Theotokos to forgive him and heal him, and his prayer was granted when, for the third time, a voice was heard from the icon which told Neilos that his supplication had been heard, and that it was to her protection, after God, and her overshadowing guardianship that the monks should thereafter have recourse for all their needs. She would hear them speedily, for her name is “Gorgoepikoos” (she who hears speedily).

This miracle and the promise of the Theotokos became quickly know to the whole of Athos and her icon became an object of pilgrimage for all the Holly Mountain. The corridor was closed up and the icon was housed in the chapel which was built to its right. Innumerable miracles have been perfomed by it, and a special priest-monk, the prosmonarios attends to the needs of pilgrims.

List of icon locations:

On YouTube, the Akathist Hymn to the miracle working icon of «She Who is Quick to Hear» from St. Tikhons Monastery. His Grace, Bishop TIKHON leading in singing the Akathist Hymn to the «Mother of God: Healer of Cancer».

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Источник: https://orthodoxwiki.org/Panagia_Gorgoepikoos

Видео. Салоники. Церковь Богородицы

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